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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Zombie Marie: Featured In A Poem

“On How We Needn’t Really Worry About Zombie Attacks Lasting Very Long, for One Reason Which They Have Yet to Address in the Movies”
No immune system
They’ll die from the smallest germs
Just sneeze in their face

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BearyCreative.Etsy.Com Welcomes Giclee Art Prints!!

I Am Expanding My Etsy Shop And Have These Giclee Prints Avaliable For Purchase:

More Prints Soon To Come...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Featured Wda Team Artist: Athena Workman (MissMillificent)

Lola Soddyberry $80

Artist: Athena Workman

Artist Bio:

"My name is Athena, and I'm a married mother of two grown daughters living in middle TN. Through a series of circumstance (daughters getting older and not "needing" me as much anymore, the loss of a job, writer's block- I used to be a horror writer) I began working with polymer clay. After an art doll swap, I realized how much I loved making dolls (and that I could actually sculpt!). They really brought my mixed media artwork 'to life'. Miss Millificent's Mesdamoiselles are the fruits of my labors.

ABOUT THE DOLLS... Each doll is handmade, usually one or two at a time. Because I'm self-taught, I consider myself a folk artist, and each doll has imperfections (such as stray marks or fingerprints) that contribute to their primitive nature. I use paper clay over armature at this time, although my older dolls are crafted from polymer clay. For their hand-sewn clothes, I try to use as much 'recycled' fabric as possible (from baby and toddler clothing, old scarves, etc.) and vintage lace and trim.

I'm also a mixed media artist and photographer. I sell and exhibit my work in galleries in Tennessee."

Athena's Favorites From Her Shop:

Biggest accomplishment: Being able to show in two solo shows featuring my dolls since I began.

Anything I'd like to share? Buy a doll??? Heh. Lots are waiting for good homes!


New Painting

Lovely Lorana

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Art To Be On CBS This Fall

Hi everyone!

I have some amazing news... My painting is going to be on a show called, "Two Broke Girls" this fall on CBS! Sooo excited, so everyone watch for it :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

2nd Wda Team BNR

Hello my little peeps :)

I am holding a Whimsically Dark Art Team BNR Tuesday July 19th @ 5pm Central. A BNR "Buy N Rotate" on Etsy is a place for items from Etsy Artist to be showcased. Usually in BNRS there are discounts and coupons or "free" items with purchase. Once an item is purchased, (if by a fellow Team member, they will then have an item from their shop added in to the Treasury. If an item is purchased by a person outside the Team, I will then pick an item from a shop on the Team to be placed in the Treasury. It's a lot of fun and helps Artists get lots of views, some hearts, & hopefully sales!!!

Here's this weeks BNR sneak peek...

Some of the Items that will be Featured:

Friday, July 15, 2011

WDA/Team Featured Artist: Suzanne Cook; "Whodooart"

Suzanne Cook

Other Websites:

Artist Bio:

My name is Suzanne Cook and I am a reformed graphic designer. I have a BFA from the University of Georgia, class of 1987. I worked in NYC for an advertising firm where I met and married my husband, Dave Cook, who is a well-established illustrator. We moved to Georgia and ran a successful graphic design firm for 20 years. Tired of graphics and wanting to “create art”, Dave and I pursued different directions in our careers and have finally overlapped our talents once again.

The reason I include my husband in my bio is because without his influence, I would not be making my Who Doo Art. I have always been more on the cutsie-pootsie side of art. Creating pieces that would please someone “girly”. I never thought of creating something on the “darker side” of my personality. Even though we throw one hell of a Halloween party every year and I love everything spoofy scary!

Dave would go to conventions and festivals drawing zombie portraits, selling monster t-shirts and having a blast. I wanted to join him, so I got to creating art for the first time in my life just for fun. I began with voodoo looking dolls and they have evolved from there. My items are “creepy cute”, which is a good balance of my personality.

My studio is filled with thrift store finds, vintage notions, and recycled tattered, stained fabrics. I go into a thrift store and look for the most stained children’s clothes I can find! People think I am nuts as I check out with such damaged items. But as they say, “One man’s junk IS another man’s treasure.”

I am still learning and evolving. I started making dolls August 2010 and have attended three shows where I have had sales and received lots of encouraging feedback. I am in the process of making a book with all of my dolls so far.

Each one of my dolls has a story of its own and where my inspiration began. I only make one of a kind doll creations. Each one begins with a piece of fabric, a notion, a suggestion from a friend or free thought sketching. I number each one somewhere on the doll in the order they are created. I have completed 62 dolls so far. Each one can take from one to three days to finish. I usually like to work on two or three dolls at a time. That way they have a buddy with them during the process!

When I am mulling around doll ideas in my head I also make other Who Doo Art. I started making one of a kind skull flowers. I sculpt and paint little skull heads out of clay then attach them to stems and make flower petals out of vintage text or papers. I glue set them into vintage bottles or saltshakers. And because I have always loved antique/vintage dolls and paintings for their creepiness, I purchase and add my “who doo” to little dolls by painting sugar skull faces and vintage paintings by enhancing the image with skeleton art and splattering. I love to bring old things back to life.

Visit me and share in my creative adventure!
Hope to see you soon,
Suzanne Cook

Suzanne's Favorite Items From Her Shop:

Suzanne's Studio

My Personal Favorite :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

WDA Team

If you are a member of the "WDA Team" on Etsy, Here's a "button" to had to your blog, fb page, etc. if you'd like...

Just copy and paste :)

Bnr/Wda Team July 14th, 6pm Central

Items being featured:

Come join the Wda Team for the 1st ever "bnr treasury"!!! Awesome items!! Coupons!! Don't miss this!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Featured Artist: Ana Menendez (Anamf)

"Louise Brooks" Pandora's Box
 Cartoon Print. SALE- $12


Drawing has been a big part of my life since I can remember and doing cartoons is probably what I enjoy the most. I remember watching cartoons with my younger brother on tv and betamax videos during the late 80s early 90s (from old school like Fleischer,early disney stuff, merrie melodies to the cartoons that were popular in our childhood like my little pony, jem and the hollograms, carebears,rainbow brite,some animes, etc).

My father used to have a large collection of comic books that we used to steal to look at the images too, it was probably the most important reason to learn to read when we were children, just to know what all those colorful stories were about.

Creating my own characters who lived their own adventures and turning people around me into cartoons was just natural, then. It got me into trouble with a few teachers at school but most of them encouraged me to keep making art. After finishing high school I studied at Catholic University were I took classes that involve filming and movies , I became more interested in movies there, particularly the early beginnings of cinema, french new wave, classic hollywood and of course 70s italian horror :)

Then I went to art school where there was a more traditional training, I took oil painting classes, drawing the human body lessons. I think it's important to learn all these even if you want to create your own work without following rules, it adds to your background and experience as an artist.

The last few years I've been working mostly using the computer because most of my jobs are freelance to people that live in other countries and ask me to send my artwork by email. This allows me to work from home, which it's very convenient for me at the moment because I can help my brother (he was diagnosed with MS eight years ago so when I'm not working I like to spend most of my time with him).

I didn't know anything about Etsy until this year, I found the website just by chance as I was looking to buy something for a gift. I think after a month of so after opening my account and having a good experience buying I decided it could be interesting to share someof my work online. At the moment I'm selling my digital artwork, illustrations I first work by hand and then modified and color in the computer. I'm planning to sell originals work by hand In the future.

I think my favorite works are my silent films cartoons, because I can combine my love for movies with my love for old school cartoons to create something new.
Then I also love the ones of David Bowie because he has change his image in such different and fantastic ways over the years that I just love turning him into a different cartoon according to his different eras.

"Ophelia's Death"
A4 Limited Edition Print. SALE -  $18

"Clara Bow has "It"
 A4 Print. SALE - $18

"Piano Duet"
Mini Print. SALE- $12