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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cat Painting ~ Black Kitty

*New* Whimsically Dark Folk Art Painting, "Black Kitty" ~ For Sale Via Etsy 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Regretsy ~ Again & Custom Portrait Painting

Hello :)

I woke up this morning to a lovely re-feature on and wanted to share it with everyone. I was featured on Regretsy about a year ago for my painting, " Happy Frida Kahlo. "Needless to say it didn't go over well with me at the time. I didn't know much about Regretsy and could not believe people were saying such hurtful and cruel things about my artwork.

Well, a year later I am so thankful for this opportunity and feel blessed to be featured anywhere, whether it's positive or negative. I have grown as an artist so much since then and am thankful for the critiques on my art.

Here's the frida painting featured on Regretsy:

The original painting is still for sale on my Etsy site!

I just completed a large custom painting for a sweet lady in California as well...

If you would like a "family portrait painting" please contact me at or click the link below to find out more about how to get your painting today!