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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Featured Artist: Ana Menendez (Anamf)

"Louise Brooks" Pandora's Box
 Cartoon Print. SALE- $12


Drawing has been a big part of my life since I can remember and doing cartoons is probably what I enjoy the most. I remember watching cartoons with my younger brother on tv and betamax videos during the late 80s early 90s (from old school like Fleischer,early disney stuff, merrie melodies to the cartoons that were popular in our childhood like my little pony, jem and the hollograms, carebears,rainbow brite,some animes, etc).

My father used to have a large collection of comic books that we used to steal to look at the images too, it was probably the most important reason to learn to read when we were children, just to know what all those colorful stories were about.

Creating my own characters who lived their own adventures and turning people around me into cartoons was just natural, then. It got me into trouble with a few teachers at school but most of them encouraged me to keep making art. After finishing high school I studied at Catholic University were I took classes that involve filming and movies , I became more interested in movies there, particularly the early beginnings of cinema, french new wave, classic hollywood and of course 70s italian horror :)

Then I went to art school where there was a more traditional training, I took oil painting classes, drawing the human body lessons. I think it's important to learn all these even if you want to create your own work without following rules, it adds to your background and experience as an artist.

The last few years I've been working mostly using the computer because most of my jobs are freelance to people that live in other countries and ask me to send my artwork by email. This allows me to work from home, which it's very convenient for me at the moment because I can help my brother (he was diagnosed with MS eight years ago so when I'm not working I like to spend most of my time with him).

I didn't know anything about Etsy until this year, I found the website just by chance as I was looking to buy something for a gift. I think after a month of so after opening my account and having a good experience buying I decided it could be interesting to share someof my work online. At the moment I'm selling my digital artwork, illustrations I first work by hand and then modified and color in the computer. I'm planning to sell originals work by hand In the future.

I think my favorite works are my silent films cartoons, because I can combine my love for movies with my love for old school cartoons to create something new.
Then I also love the ones of David Bowie because he has change his image in such different and fantastic ways over the years that I just love turning him into a different cartoon according to his different eras.

"Ophelia's Death"
A4 Limited Edition Print. SALE -  $18

"Clara Bow has "It"
 A4 Print. SALE - $18

"Piano Duet"
Mini Print. SALE- $12

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