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Sunday, July 17, 2011

2nd Wda Team BNR

Hello my little peeps :)

I am holding a Whimsically Dark Art Team BNR Tuesday July 19th @ 5pm Central. A BNR "Buy N Rotate" on Etsy is a place for items from Etsy Artist to be showcased. Usually in BNRS there are discounts and coupons or "free" items with purchase. Once an item is purchased, (if by a fellow Team member, they will then have an item from their shop added in to the Treasury. If an item is purchased by a person outside the Team, I will then pick an item from a shop on the Team to be placed in the Treasury. It's a lot of fun and helps Artists get lots of views, some hearts, & hopefully sales!!!

Here's this weeks BNR sneak peek...

Some of the Items that will be Featured:

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