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Friday, July 15, 2011

WDA/Team Featured Artist: Suzanne Cook; "Whodooart"

Suzanne Cook

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My name is Suzanne Cook and I am a reformed graphic designer. I have a BFA from the University of Georgia, class of 1987. I worked in NYC for an advertising firm where I met and married my husband, Dave Cook, who is a well-established illustrator. We moved to Georgia and ran a successful graphic design firm for 20 years. Tired of graphics and wanting to “create art”, Dave and I pursued different directions in our careers and have finally overlapped our talents once again.

The reason I include my husband in my bio is because without his influence, I would not be making my Who Doo Art. I have always been more on the cutsie-pootsie side of art. Creating pieces that would please someone “girly”. I never thought of creating something on the “darker side” of my personality. Even though we throw one hell of a Halloween party every year and I love everything spoofy scary!

Dave would go to conventions and festivals drawing zombie portraits, selling monster t-shirts and having a blast. I wanted to join him, so I got to creating art for the first time in my life just for fun. I began with voodoo looking dolls and they have evolved from there. My items are “creepy cute”, which is a good balance of my personality.

My studio is filled with thrift store finds, vintage notions, and recycled tattered, stained fabrics. I go into a thrift store and look for the most stained children’s clothes I can find! People think I am nuts as I check out with such damaged items. But as they say, “One man’s junk IS another man’s treasure.”

I am still learning and evolving. I started making dolls August 2010 and have attended three shows where I have had sales and received lots of encouraging feedback. I am in the process of making a book with all of my dolls so far.

Each one of my dolls has a story of its own and where my inspiration began. I only make one of a kind doll creations. Each one begins with a piece of fabric, a notion, a suggestion from a friend or free thought sketching. I number each one somewhere on the doll in the order they are created. I have completed 62 dolls so far. Each one can take from one to three days to finish. I usually like to work on two or three dolls at a time. That way they have a buddy with them during the process!

When I am mulling around doll ideas in my head I also make other Who Doo Art. I started making one of a kind skull flowers. I sculpt and paint little skull heads out of clay then attach them to stems and make flower petals out of vintage text or papers. I glue set them into vintage bottles or saltshakers. And because I have always loved antique/vintage dolls and paintings for their creepiness, I purchase and add my “who doo” to little dolls by painting sugar skull faces and vintage paintings by enhancing the image with skeleton art and splattering. I love to bring old things back to life.

Visit me and share in my creative adventure!
Hope to see you soon,
Suzanne Cook

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