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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Featured Wda Team Artist: Athena Workman (MissMillificent)

Lola Soddyberry $80

Artist: Athena Workman

Artist Bio:

"My name is Athena, and I'm a married mother of two grown daughters living in middle TN. Through a series of circumstance (daughters getting older and not "needing" me as much anymore, the loss of a job, writer's block- I used to be a horror writer) I began working with polymer clay. After an art doll swap, I realized how much I loved making dolls (and that I could actually sculpt!). They really brought my mixed media artwork 'to life'. Miss Millificent's Mesdamoiselles are the fruits of my labors.

ABOUT THE DOLLS... Each doll is handmade, usually one or two at a time. Because I'm self-taught, I consider myself a folk artist, and each doll has imperfections (such as stray marks or fingerprints) that contribute to their primitive nature. I use paper clay over armature at this time, although my older dolls are crafted from polymer clay. For their hand-sewn clothes, I try to use as much 'recycled' fabric as possible (from baby and toddler clothing, old scarves, etc.) and vintage lace and trim.

I'm also a mixed media artist and photographer. I sell and exhibit my work in galleries in Tennessee."

Athena's Favorites From Her Shop:

Biggest accomplishment: Being able to show in two solo shows featuring my dolls since I began.

Anything I'd like to share? Buy a doll??? Heh. Lots are waiting for good homes!


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  1. Thank you! It's an honor to be featured. :)