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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Featured Artist "Hunneybunny" aka Allie

Allie's Bio

Her Etsy Shop

I am a self taught artist living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I dream about going back to school for art, but I never quite get around to it. I am a Massage Therapist by day, and a painter/ craft-er in my spare time. I started my ETSY shop in the spring as a way for my work to reach more people. (I never expect to find such a wonderful group of artists to share with though. That was the best surprise about ETSY!)

What Inspires You?
I am inspired by many random things. Dr.Suess Books, Roadside attractions, Tim Burton movies, the human muscular system, and anything bright and shiny.

What Has Been Your Biggest Success As a Artist
I guess it would depend on how you define "success". Though I didnt make a penny from it- I would consider my biggest success would be when Sharpie found some of my doodle monsters and featured me as artist. That was pretty rockin! It was so validating! (sharpie feature: )

Allie's Favorties From Her Shop:

I am so glad I joined WDA. So many of the members are just oozing with talent! Its really inspiring to look through their shops. It also motivates me to work harder and become a better artist.



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