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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Featured Artist (Jessica) CuteAndCreepy

I have had my shop since 2007 and have really been enjoying the increase in exposure of Etsy. I've been making the critters themselves since 2000. I started because I'm an adult and I love plush. I still hug things in stores and want to cry when I can't take cute things home with me. But honestly I can't fit anymore plush in this house! All my items are one of a kind (OOAK). I enjoy thrift shopping for vintage fabrics because I love the bright funky colors and patterns you just don't see so often anymore.

Mixing these with perhaps more ordinary fabrics can be quite lovely!
I'm inspired mostly by my moods. Like most everything I do it's at a very gut level.
I am in awe of my Happy Customer blog as it is such a touching and terrific thing to know people are having fun with my creations. I keep all of their photos and post them here:

I also have a regular blog all about me which I'm sure could get pretty boring as I really like to

I have a few favorites in the shop. And yes, they're pretty pricey but they are special to me.

I really love Tom, his body is made from vintage curtains!

I also can't help but love Loud Mouth Malone

And of course Captain Bossy Socks (he made me say that- lol)
Since January I've been plagued with constant health problems that have accumulated much debt, I do not like asking for money but if you wish to donate to helping me out of this situation you can go to my website and click the donate button on the top just under the picture slide show in the middle. It will take you to paypal which is very secure. Just type Medical Fundraiser or Donation and even $1. helps tremendously.

And if you want to purchase anything from my shop please use the coupon JESSICASFUNDRAISER for 30% off.
Thanks very much for reading all about me!

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  1. Awww, thanks so much for having me on your blog!!!