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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Featured Artist ~AngieClementine~ On Etsy


Well, I didn't set out to do dark art I just keep going back there. I've been painting for years now, and have sold hundreds of paintings worldwide. I keep on painting dead trees. I keep trying to step to a lighter side, but I keep on ending up back at the dead tress (I have two other shops, VintageVixens2 that currently has spider jewelry and other stuff and TheIronDogMercantile that is mostly vintage and gothy kind of party gift tags etc.

~What inspires me as an Artist~

I am inspired by drama, color, and edginess I guess. I love all sorts of different types of art and have a big appreciation for everyone elses "scene". I am inspired by dreams and the place I sometimes find myself in, right between asleep and awake, when I find myself in another place and see these sights.... I have my entire life. I struggle to capture what I see over and over and over again and I never, ever get it right.

~My biggest success as an Artist~

Touching the lives of some of my fans that have purchased my paintings because it inspired them and gave the comfort during life's horrible times. Making an impact like that has made it all worth it and then some, some of these "fans" are my friends for life.

~My other websites~

I have an ever expanding circle of itmes and mediums I work in and absolutely love the handmade aspect of Etsy and the pride and care that the sellers have in the quality of their items. I also love the "Teams" on Etsy where "birds of a feather" can flock together like this team!

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